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Quality, manufacturing and expertise. These are the values behind all Elisabetta Franchi collections, the attributes of the luxury style that has become, in recent years, a new standard in the fashion world.

From research to study materials and fabrics, to the creation of prototypes, with special attention to detail, every stage of production takes place at the headquarters of the brand, in the beautiful rural area of Bologna. The innovative ideas of the fashion house come to life with the help of experts, in a continuous dialogue inspired by passion and excellence.

A woman who brings to life emotions and, at the same time, is touched and influenced by them. Her life itself is an emotion. A life lived to the fullest and in an unconditional manner with only one goal: the fulfillment of her childhood dreams and because of that her creations always reflects the pure essence of her soul. This desire became, in time, a reality.

She is Elisabetta Franchi, the heart that pulses in the name of a brand, a woman who managed to shake the female universe through her style and creativity. The brand’s success is based on unlimited passion, extreme care for product design, dedication to work and a balanced pragmatic sense.

You can find the following product categories in the store:

  • thin-1366_necklace Accessories
  • Haine Clothes
  • Footwear