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"Philipp Plein is unique because within him lies a joy for living. He does not want to be a fashion man, he does fashion because he loves women. This is a special, special attitude, because there are few people in the industry like this", stated Franca Sozzani, former editor of Vogue Italia.

Philipp Plein is distinguished by his creations for people who intuitively choose the extraordinary things in life.

The strength of the company is based on inspiration and the human creativity, with the aim of setting trends rather than following them. This strong belief has contributed to what we find today in Philipp Plein's international brand. All his collections can be seen as works of art, which represents nobility and perfection. Philipp Plein is a tribute to fashion designers who want their inner wishes to come true. Because life is too short to be insignificant.

Our challenge, every day, is always to meet the expectations of our customers around the world.

You can find the following product categories in the store:

  • thin-1366_necklace Accessories
  • Haine Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Genti Purses