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‘I always wanted to be a designer. Even as a child I dreamt that I would one day dress the most beautiful women in the world.’ Ermanno Scervino

In 1999, after a ten-year collaboration with the best names in the Italian fashion industry, Ermanno Scervino decided to launch his own brand. He had seen and learned everything, he had met with the Stars in Studio 54 and enjoyed the time spent in New York. He met the finest people back in the '80s, accompanied by Andy Warhol who took him to The Factory and danced in the chic setting in Ibiza. In other words, the high-class luxury and lifestyle were no strangers to Ermanno. As in a beautiful story, one day he decided to dress the world's most beautiful women.

In 2000, the crucial meeting with Toni Scervino took place, now the CEO with whom he had founded the group, Ermanno Scervino, a leader in fashion industry on the premium segment. The designer created a network of workshops under the aegis of a single entity in Florence, managing to develop their collections in an independent manner, respecting the Italian style.

Ermanno Scervino garments are innovative, refined, sophisticated and original and contain a mixture of special elements, a real mix of quality, elegance and good taste in fashion. Ermanno Scervino means an iconoclastic, emancipated and innovative luxury!

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