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The Million Roses is a 21st century success story that began with a widespread idea of bringing happiness for others.

The Million Roses has become today an international concept based on the flawless quality of delivered products and services at the highest standards, combined with a well-rounded artistic approach and marketing strategy.

The Million Roses aims to redefine the classic floral design and to create something spectacular, elegant and modern. Each box is filled with a lot of care and skill by well-qualified florists, with roses of the highest quality, for your arrangement to impress anyone.

The Million Roses brand was born in Budapest, starting from the idea of young people from various fields of activity and with different professions. What united them all was the passion for flowers, but also the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, so they were the first ones to create the concept of “flowers in a box” and “the cryogenic flowers”, an idea that was immediately taken all over the world. Today, there are flowers in the box in different shapes and names, but the Million Roses brand is the reference name in this field.
The network has reached stores in major cities such as London, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, even on the American continent, in Los Angeles and soon in Dubai.

You can find the following product categories in the store:

  • Sampanie Champagne
  • Bomboane de ciocolata Chocolate candy
  • Flori Natural and cryogenic flowers